Mr. West, Genius

So, I love Kanye West. I guess he’s not that popular which actually seems to have more to do with him being rude to Taylor Swift than being generally bombastic and absurd. I mean, he is obnoxious for sure. I personally don’t really care. (Remember the Rolling Stones? Bombastic and absurd is the point of rock ‘n’ roll, dudes).

So what if he’s a little ridiculous? He told W. what was what, his foundation provides music production opportunities to underserved youth, his rhymes are fantastic and smart, his Twitter feed is hilarious and he is as innovative and masterful in his personal style as he is on his albums.

Though he might not realize it, his particular exaltation of all things outsider and creative, his love of fashion, his rebellion and his heart, make him emblematic of all I love about queer culture. So, thank you, Mr. West. You are one of us, I don’t care what anyone says. I salute you.

Ironing Board Collective